South Africa is a country that is very rich in natural resources, with the exception of water. We are known for being a water scarce country.

Many of our river systems in South Africa are in a critical state.

We need to always be aware of how we look after the water we have and use it wisely.

Near the Inanda dam in a rural community called uMzinyathi, there are sections of the area where residents have no access at all to fresh running tap water.

They have to wait by the road sides with big and small buckets in anticipation of when the water truck will arrive to deliver water to them.

Many residents and children can trek 5km on foot with buckets in their hands or on their heads just to fetch water for  one day. If the water truck does not arrive on any given day, then water is taken  from the river and used to drink directly or for bathing and washing clothing.

Makes you think of how fortunate most of us are. We Simply just switch on a tap or flush the toilet, even leaving a tap running while we brush teeth or wash dishes.

Presently in that same area are schools which have no toilets or tap water. This can be very difficult for learners and especially young teenage girls. Sometimes when young girls are on their cycle they cannot attend school for obvious reasons, actually some just drop out completely.

Many of these same residents do not have the proper facility of refuse removal or if they do they are given perhaps a few bags which is supposed to last more than a month. This results in litter getting thrown around and landing in the same river mentioned above. I have witnessed disposal nappies been thrown into this water

A very sad scenario knowing that both humans and animals and other life forms are dependant on healthy river systems. 

We do our utmost to educate communities on river pollution and we get the children involved by doing mini sass tests where they get to see the organisms living in that same water and they get to witness the health of the river for themselves.They develop an understanding on how serious the situation is and learn to become aware of their own actions.

Lets all do what we can to be water wise in our own homes, schools, the work place  and just be thankful that we are able to have the precious luxury of turning on a tap when ever we want to.

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