Week day workshops for home schooled children. 

Currently we have 18 students from the ages of 7 to 16

Our theme: Biodiversity through the eyes of children which we started in January 2016 and will continue in 2017

Topics we have covered:

Water Quality and discovering a number of amazing creatures that inhabit our rivers and streams.

The importance of insects in biodiversity

The role snakes play in biodiversity

Birds of prey as indicator species and the role they play in biodiversity


Theory work and presentations on the various subjects along with field activities out in a conservancy.

Backyard biodiversity is practiced by children at home and we received some fantastic photos taken by the children.

We are witnessing first hand massive disruption of earth's life systems,and now all fingers point to one culprit: MAN!! As most of us are almost completely ignorant of the character and function of other life forms, we abuse the natural world and diminish once robust survival systems without any real understanding of the consequences-especially for our own continued existence. Why do we so willingly inflict harm on the only home we have? Most people intrinsically have empathy with nature. Many are against cruelty to animals, everybody wants fresh air, unpolluted rivers and a healthy planet. So why do we so dreadfully abuse our sole life support system? The answer to that is fundamental to our survival as a species.Life survives through biodiversity, and biodiversity is achieved only as a shared initiative with and through all life forms on planet earth. And to do so humans must live in close collaboration with the plant and animal kingdom in a healthy, life sustaining environment. There is no other way. We are all in this game of life together. There is no divide, no "us" and "them";no "man" separate from "nature". Humans as individuals and as a species are as much a part of life's overall thrust for survival as any other species-we have to live in dynamic collaboration with the plant and animal kingdoms in a healthy, life sustaining environment.It is vital that our relationship with nature and the environment be included in our schools education systems. This is no longer something cute or nice to do. It is now a singular imperative". (Lawrence Anthony from his book Babylons Ark)