Mission Statement:

Kidz for conservation: kloof chapter

To educate young people through interactive and fun workshops,that environmental understanding and protection is a worldwide concern that affects us all.

To encourage young people to take up environmental activities and therefore understand that it is every persons right to experience the wonder of nature, to enjoy natural beauty, and to marvel at the great variety of plants and wildlife.

Clean air and water are vital to our existence

We depend on our natural resources.

Thousands of species are becoming extinct due to human activities

Our ultimate goal therefore at kidz for conservation is to provide education and upliftment for all communities.Education that pertains to facts, information and research currently been done with animals and the environment

Humanity holds the key to the restoration of our ecological balance.

Our educational programme's are designed to inspire a passion into our youth to become more positive and actively involved in all aspects of conservation.  


The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization is a independant non profit group which seeks to reverse the dwindling spiral of the plant and animal kingdoms and our environment through education and action.