Our projects involve education to get children from all walks of life to understand their relationship with the natural world around them. The need exists for us to understand that it is not "us" and "nature" but rather to see it as it is, everything is connected.

Currently we are working with a few rural schools at eNanda. 

In 2016 we started and environmental youth club at the Matabetulu Primary school.

We follow the same theme "Biodiversity through the eyes of children. The children are taught by my assistant Siyabonga Mkhize and he has done excellent work with the children.They do theory work in one of the classrooms and spend time out in the field. We were fortunate to get cameras donated so the children can be really interactive with nature.As part of their studies we took them on a trip to the mangroves recently.We also did some snake education at the school with snake specialist Nick Evans and they learned about importance of snakes in the ecosystem.

Through donations we were able to give the children a lovely Christmas party in 2016

We will be working with more schools in 2017 with the intention of opening up more environmental youth clubs at eNanda

Previous projects have included working with the Durban Green Corridor. Together we initiated an environmental teacher training programme with teachers from some schools of rural eNanda. An education centre was built at the eNanda Adventures site, where i ran a weekly environmental club with children from various schools in the area.

Sponsorship came from Wildlife campus and allowed me to facilitate a field guiding course for students from the Umzinyathi area. We initially started off with ten students, however only five saw the course through. The course consisted of five modules which were not easy for them.They have exceeded all my expectations. They wrote their final module in January 2015 and all passed with very good results.

In December 2013 we held a christmas party for the orphans and the elderly from the Abalindi orphanage in eNanda. The children from my enviro club performed an environmental show put together by themselves.We were donated amazing gifts, cakes, party goodies. It was a good christmas for Abalindi and i am very grateful for those who so willingly donated.

Unprecedented numbers of species are going extinct each year and there are more than a thousand animals alone on the endangered species list. Endangered is defined as any species which is in danger of extinction.

If we don't change mankind's awareness and operating basis in regards to animals and humans, we are going to be "saving the whales", "saving the rain forests", saving this and saving that-until they are all gone.(Lawrence Anthony)